Note: Streaming and recording from a VMR is a no-cost optional service that can be added to customers accounts.

The following streaming services have been tested and confirmed to work with Pexip's custom RTMP integration. 

Pexip VMRs can connect to streaming and recording services that can ingest RTMP and RTMPs streams. 

If you have a service that you’d like for us to test or confirm functionality please email:

Service nameConfiguration instructions
YouTubeYoutube integration and recording
Additional custom RTMP integrations
AzureAzure streaming/recording setup
FacebookFacebook streaming/recording setup
KalturaKaltura streaming/recording setup
MS StreamMS Stream recording/stream setup
PeriscopePeriscope streaming/recording setup
QuickchannelQuickchannel streaming/recording setup
QumuQumu streaming/recording setup
Teams Live EventTeams Live Event recording/stream setup
TwitchTwitch streaming/recording setup
UStreamUstream streaming/recording setup
WowzaWowza streaming/recording setup
BeamDocumentation not currently available.
Company WebcastDocumentation not currently available.
MNS Rec.VCDocumentation not currently available.
TalkPointDocumentation not currently available.
VimeoVimeo Live overview


Information current as of 1/18/2021.