Be sure that the caller is actually connecting via 'Skype for Business' and not 'Teams'.  

Microsoft is moving Skype for Business users to Teams and Teams DOES NOT SUPPORT EXTERNAL CALLING.  This is a Microsoft decision, all calls must 'meet' in a Teams Meeting Room.  

Pexip offers an optional paid service that allows standards based video devices to connect to a specific Teams environment (the enterprise that controls the Teams account must subscribe to this service).

First, be sure that the Skype for Business caller is dialing the special URI for Skype connections (this will be a <numeric value>

Connections to your standard SIP URI are not supported.

In order for Lync / Skype for Business users to be able to dial your VMR they must be 'Federated' by their network administrator.  The default for many Skype for Business systems is to only support calls to others in their organization.  In order to call to your VMR their system must be configured to allow calls to any users or specifically to the domain.

Office 365 Federation

  • Open the Microsoft 365 Portal and go to “Admin” -> “service settings”
  • Select “IM, meetings, and conferencing” and switch “external communication” to ON
  • Please note that you may have to wait for up to 24 hours before the setting takes effect.

Microsoft A/V Edge Federation

Your administrator will need to allow external user access on your Lync server in order to connect to a Virtual Meeting Room. We support both Dynamic and Enhanced federation.

  • Dynamic Federation
    • Under “External User Access” -> “Access Edge Configuration”
    • Enable “Enable federation” and “Enable partner domain discovery”.
  • Enhanced or Direct Federation
    • Under “External User Access” -> “Federated Domains”.
    • Add a new ‘Allowed domain’
    • Fill out the ‘Domain name’: